Trump Lies About His Mask Use, Wishes Ghislaine Maxwell ‘Well’ During First COVID Presser in Months 1

On a day where President Donald Trump tried to stick to his script in a return to coronavirus briefings, he still managed to mangle his messaging by lying about his mask use and wishing an accused sex trafficker well. 

Appearing solo without  the burden of fact purveyors like doctors and experts, Trump initially read stiltedly from a paper in front of him, telling assembled reporters about the importance of masks and social distances following months of ignoring or deriding both practices.  

“I have the mask right here, I carry it. And I will use it gladly, no problem with it,” Trump said. “And I’ve said that and I say, if you can, use the mask, when you can, use the mask, if you’re close to each other, if you’re in a group, I would put it on when I’m in a group.”  

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