Trump Mourns ‘All the Birds’ Killed by Windmills, Stays Mum on 160K COVID Deaths 1

With a collapsing economy, mounting COVID-19 deaths, and sinking poll numbers, President Donald Trump on Tuesday night used a primetime interview to sound the alarm over what will surely go down in history as one of the worst atrocities of the 21st century: “all the birds” that keep getting sucked up and devoured by windmills.

While the president spent part of his interview with pro-Trump Fox News host Sean Hannity discussing the apparent bird-killing qualities of windmills, he found no time to say anything about the nearly 165,000 Americans who have died from coronavirus.

Calling into close confidant Hannity’s primetime show, ostensibly to discuss presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s choice of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) as his running mate, the president seemed more interested in veering off into irrelevant tangents than focusing on the new veep candidate.

Portraying Harris as “against petroleum,” the president first claimed that meant Biden would be unable to win Pennsylvania and “many other states” before quickly sidetracking himself over the topic of wind power.

“Wind is nice. It’s nice. But it causes tremendous environmental problems,” Trump exclaimed, touching on a subject he’s rambled nonsensically about countless times.

“Site and home values going way down,” he added. “If you see a windmill and hear a windmill, your home is worth half or less than half. It kills all the birds.”

Despite the interview lasting more than half of Hannity’s hour-long broadcast, the Fox News star waited until there were only two minutes left in the program before finally asking Trump about the pandemic consuming the country.

Noting that “the death rate has gone up” recently, Hannity confidently predicted it will soon “drop precipitously” before wondering aloud what progress the United States has made on vaccines and therapeutics. 

Claiming “therapeutics are great” and they are having “tremendous success,” the president quickly focused his attention on complaining about the amount of coronavirus testing the United States is doing.

“We are doing more testing than any country in the world by far,” he groused, repeating a favorite gripe of his. “Because of that, we will have more cases. We are testing people. We have more cases. If you don’t test, you don’t have cases.”

“And that’s called fake news gold because they say cases, that’s all they say is talk about cases,” Trump continued. “But what we’re doing is the greatest testing anywhere in the world. The most on the best. Best quality. We are doing very well with that.”

For weeks now, the president has grumbled about testing, suggesting multiple times that the only reason cases skyrocketed in June and July is due to the increased number of overall tests. Trump, however, has ignored the fact that since mid-June, the positivity rate across the nation has risen precipitously and is still above 7 percent.  

Trump concluded the interview by patting himself on the back on his handling of the deadly virus that’s predicted to kill up to 300,000 Americans by year’s end.

“We have done a great job and it’s moving along,” he boasted. “We’re going to have the vaccine soon and we are going to have therapeutics very soon.”