Trump to America: Drop Dead 1

The next time you’re in the presence of someone who tries to tell you that Donald Trump is a political genius, I’d like you to grab the nearest copy of Men’s Hairstyles magazine and whack them upside the head.

Maybe not too many people are saying that these days, as he’s clearly in the early stages of a ’roid-driven meltdown. But people have remarked many times on Trump’s supposed genius. It has never been true. He didn’t win his massive following by being a political genius. He won it by lying his ass off and being a racist. That’s not political genius. That’s just demagoguery, and anyone can do it if they’re willing to be a liar and a racist.

No—he’s a political idiot. And he just proved it again Tuesday afternoon by announcing that there will be no stimulus deal until after the election. This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen a politician say: