Tucker Warns ‘Demographic Shifts’ Will Make Cities ‘Broke, Dirty, and Dangerous’ 1

Remember when Fox News star Tucker Carlson lost a big chunk of advertisers when he loudly asserted on-air that immigration makes America “poorer and dirtier”? It appears the top-rated cable news host was drinking from the same well Monday night.

Continuing his show’s relentless campaign to demonize anti-police brutality protests and blame them for a recent rise in urban crime, Carlson kicked off his Monday night broadcast by blasting other media outlets for not dedicating enough airtime to a mass shooting in Washington, D.C., or looting in Chicago’s shopping district.

“In other words, shootings are acceptable as long as the police don’t commit them,” Carlson grumbled after claiming D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser was more concerned about coronavirus restrictions than violence in her city.

“The media wholeheartedly agrees with this, violence does not bother them, they encourage it regularly,” he added. “Disobedience bothers them.”

Carlson went on to criticize CNN for its negative coverage of tens of thousands of bikers crowding in a small South Dakota town amid a deadly pandemic, insisting it was due to the bikers being “unapologetically male.” The Fox host then wondered aloud why cable news didn’t cover chanting Black Lives Matter protesters marching through a rich Georgetown neighborhood on Saturday night.

“A group of thugs marched on a residential street to make certain no one was sleeping,” Carlson huffed. “People who lived there must’ve been confused, as in Georgetown ‘Black Lives Matter’ yard signs are about as common as designer dog breeds.”

“The residents apparently thought they had bought themselves peace by paying their indulgences with the correct political slogans, but they hadn’t,” he continued. “The fact their neighborhood is still safe is now considered a crime, and the mob made that very clear.”

The ultra-right Fox News star spent the next few minutes contrasting the Chicago looting—which was likely sparked by false reports revolving around a police shooting—with racial justice protest movements, asserting they are all based on lies.

“We are so used to violence justified by lies that few people seem to notice a difference,” Carlson exclaimed. “Speaking of, just this weekend, Joe Biden honored Michael Brown—that was the man killed in Ferguson, Missouri, after he violently attacked a store owner on tape and then a cop. Joe Biden apparently doesn’t remember that part. He seems to consider Michael Brown a martyr.”

Pointing to the recent civil unrest and violence, Carlson then warned that the “aftermath” of all the “boarded-up windows and terrified neighbors” is that there’s “no question people will flee Georgetown” and other urban neighborhoods. He then dropped any sense of subtlety over the message he was delivering.

“No matter what they tell you, no matter what signs they put in their yard, they will leave, and many of them have already left,” Carlson declared. “We are about to see one of the great demographic shifts in American history unless the insanity stops, and soon, our biggest cities will revert to what they were 50 years ago: broke, dirty, and dangerous.”

“On the bright side, we will have resolved the gentrification problem,” he snarkily concluded.