White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham Promises ‘Healthy’ Trump Will Be ‘Just Fine’ 1

The morning after Surgeon General Jerome Adams declared the 73-year-old president “healthier than what I am” on CNN’s State of the Union, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham similarly downplayed concerns about Donald Trump’s health on Fox & Friends

Asked by co-host Ainsley Earhardt if Trump would continue to hold campaign rallies during the coronavirus outbreak despite warnings about older Americans avoiding crowds, Grishman said, “Yes, he plans on still holding rallies.” 

“And I’ll tell you what, with our president, this man who doesn’t sleep and who I have seen work 15, 16 hours a day every day, I have no problem thinking that he is going to be just fine and just healthy,” she continued. 

Next, Steve Doocy raised more concerns over a CPAC attendee who interacted with several members of Congress before testing positive for the virus. “Apparently, [the attendee] shook hands with Matt Schlapp and Matt Schlapp shook hands with the president,” he said. “Is the president a little freaked out about that?” 

“No, not at all,” she answered, explaining that Trump is taking the “appropriate precautions” during the outbreak. “The president of the United States, as we all know, is quite a hand washer,” Grisham said of the notorious germaphobe. “He uses hand sanitizer all the time. So he’s not concerned about this at all.” 

Grisham’s assurances follow a report from The Washington Post that cited a “growing sense of concern and uncertainty” about Trump’s potential to contract the virus and stated, “Concerns for the president’s personal health have also escalated as the death toll from the virus has risen, with most of the victims being senior citizens.” 

Later in the interview, Grisham went after both Democrats and the media for daring to criticize the Trump administration’s handling of the crisis. “I just want to stress to politicians and the media to stop using this as a tool to politicize things and to scare people,” she said.