Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar Think Trump Is Lying About Having COVID 1

Whoopi Goldberg just came out and said it Thursday morning. She does not believe President Donald Trump ever tested positive for COVID-19.

During a discussion on The View about the president resuming his large campaign rallies as coronavirus cases continue to rise across the country, Goldberg said: “You know what? The more he talks, the less I think he had it, personally. That’s just me, that’s just me.”

But it wasn’t just her.

“Me too!” Joy Behar agreed. “I’m starting to think that too, Whoopi.”

“I’m starting to feel like, really?” Goldberg added. “Because I just feel like, wait a minute.” She said Trump is “the only person on the face of the earth” to seemingly be fully recovered just five days after his hospitalization for the virus.

“If you are comparing yourself to Jesus, you’re saying five days, that’s all it took?” she asked. “People still haven’t been able to get out of bed. So I just don’t know. And we couldn’t get the information about it and I just feel weird about it.”

Ultimately, Sunny Hostin was the only one to offer up a reasonable explanation for Trump’s swift recovery. All those other people, she said, “don’t have access to the same drugs.” While at Walter Reed hospital, Trump received an experimental antibody treatment that has not been available to the general public.

Hostin’s co-hosts, however, were not convinced.

“It’s not about the drugs,” Behar said. “He’s a liar. How could you believe anything he says? Anything!”

“Because it’s hard to trust him, it’s hard to, like, go with it,” Goldberg added. “And I hate feeling like that.”