Whoopi Shouts Down Another Meghan McCain and Joy Behar Fight: ‘I Swear to GOD!’

Whoopi Shouts Down Another Meghan McCain and Joy Behar Fight: ‘I Swear to GOD!’ 1

Returning from a one-week summer break, The View quickly devolved into yet another shoutfest between frequent sparring partners Meghan McCain and Joy Behar, prompting lead host Whoopi Goldberg to scold the pair and threaten them with a quick commercial break.

The ABC talk show kicked off Monday’s broadcast by discussing Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ disastrous Sunday talk-show appearances, something the panel appeared to be in agreement over.

“So Meghan, we’re not seeming to get any real guidance from the education secretary. So what do you think a good idea for a plan could be?” Goldberg noted after highlighting DeVos’ inability to detail a comprehensive plan to safely reopen schools on Sunday.

“Well, first and foremost on that point, Betsy DeVos needs major media training if she’s going to have a job like this in the administration during a pandemic,” McCain replied. “I don’t know if I have ever seen someone at that level be worse in interviews.”

This caused Behar to laugh, prompting McCain to tell her liberal colleague that this is “quite serious” before going on to say she was “really disappointed” and there is still no plan to safely reopen schools this fall while calling on “both sides” to be voted out.

“Yeah. What’s funny, Meghan, is that media training is the least of her problems. That’s what made me laugh,” Behar eventually responded.

“It’s about communication,” McCain shot back, prompting Behar to add, “I know. She sucks!”

Moments later, McCain took offense when Behar said the GOP doesn’t care about education, griping that it’s “very aggressive and incendiary” to “say Republicans don’t care about children.”

Behar contended she was criticizing Republicans on “education,” causing McCain to say “whatever” before blasting Democrats for supporting teachers’ unions and presenting a “moving goal of priorities” on reopening schools. McCain, meanwhile, groused that it’s “exhausting” to come on the show and be “told that Republicans don’t care about anything.”

As the two continued to bicker, Goldberg jumped in and threw the segment to a commercial break while waving to the camera.

The following segment, which was ostensibly about the Trump administration’s attempt to publicly discredit top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, eventually turned into another partisan fight between the two.

After Behar chastised McCain for conflating her criticism of Republicans as being about run-of-the-mill GOP voters, McCain shot back by claiming (once again) that she’s the “only Republican in mainstream media” and saying Behar’s remarks come across as “accusatory.”

“I’m Republican. I vote for these people,” she grumbled, adding, “All I want is for us at this show to lead by example and not be part of the problem and come in being accusatory.”

While Behar continued to attack Republican “idiots,” McCain yelled back that the veteran comedian was going to get President Donald Trump re-elected, leading Goldberg to say enough is enough.

“Okay, I swear to God if you don’t stop, I’m going to take us to break again,” she shouted.

“I didn’t bring this up,” McCain protested. “We were moving on to another topic! Joy brought it up!”