Why Bernie Walked Away From Biden’s ‘Big Corruption Problem’—and Why Joe Should Fight Them Now 1

Most elections are defined by moments of confrontation: a debate stage swipe, a hard-hitting attack ad, or a scathing quote from a surrogate in the bowels of a spin room. 

Last week, however, the biggest moment in the Democratic presidential primary—one with potentially major ramifications for the general—involved a form of strategic détente. And the question now confronting each side involved is whether it was wise.  

On Monday, Bernie Sanders apologized to Joe Biden for an op-ed that one of his supporters wrote in which she accused the ex-VP of having a “big corruption problem” that needed to be addressed. The piece, which had been written by law professor Zephyr Teachout and spread by Sanders’ campaign, had come on the eve of the Senate impeachment trial centered on President Trump’s efforts to dig up dirt on Biden under the shaky guise of rooting out “corruption” in Ukraine.