Why Biden-Obama Is the Ultimate White Guy-Black Guy Buddy Movie 1

From the beginning of the presidential race, I have been fascinated with Joe Biden’s campaign, but not because of his inevitable gaffes, appeal to white Midwestern voters, “electability,” or even his policies. Biden’s campaign has been amazing to watch because the unofficial, unspoken ethos from day one has been, “I’m best friends with the black president you love. Give me a shot.”

Biden is not generally thought of as terribly progressive of course and, on paper, he’s not. But seeing a white man campaign for, and possibly win, the highest office in the land based mostly on his friendship with a black man and their shared accomplishments may be one of the most progressive things I have ever seen. 

The fact that I have labelled Biden’s campaign as “progressive” has befuddled my friends and will probably inflame social media. But I do not see how the ethos of Biden’s campaign could be anything but progressive. Not only is it obviously progress, but this is the type of progress that Americans who aren’t racist love to see.