Why Biden’s Smart to Take His Time With His Veep Pick 1
Mark Makela/Getty

Before the first votes were even cast in the primaries, the dream ticket for many Democrats was Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The fiery senator from California would diversify and energize Biden’s last hurrah, carrying the torch for a new generation. 

Then came her ill-fated broadside against Biden over busing and a campaign rife with in-fighting before she exited the field with mixed reviews. Yet here she is, atop the field of contenders, the most likely choice for vice president—but with some static.

“A lot of people are looking to shove that knife in her back,” says a Democrat affiliated with the Biden campaign but not directly involved in the vice-presidential pick. “Some of it is among people who don’t want to see her as Biden’s successor. It’s coming from a lot of different angles.” 

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