Why the Fuck is the Secretary of State Talking, from Israel, at the Republican National Convention? 1

Being Secretary of State is, as it turns out, is really just a side hustle for Mike Pompeo.  He’s happy to have the gig if it helps advance his personal political ambitions, but should the burdens or restrictions associated with being America’s chief diplomat ever get in the way of those ambitions, time and time again, this heir to the legacy of Thomas Jefferson chooses himself or his political party over his country.  He, like his boss, has turned his solipsism into his brand.

As Donald Trump turned the White House, his pardon power and the oath of citizenship into campaign props Tuesday night, Mike Pompeo again violated the norms, standards, and rules associated with his office by delivering an address to the Republican National Convention. It was the first time in memory that a sitting secretary of State has chosen to enter the political fray of a convention, thus debasing the office and undermining his role as representative of all the American people by revealing himself to be a mere mouthpiece for a political faction in the U.S. 

The Trump administration’s most prominent evangelical spoke from a rooftop in Jerusalem, in a signal to the evangelical base Trump sees as critical to his re-election. Pompeo allowed himself to essentially become a human Tweet, echoing the same kind of fatuous, pandering sentiment as this weekend’s social media exhortation from Trump to his flock, “Happy Sunday! We want God!” (The exclamation marks on behalf of the deity perhaps offset the fact that this sermonette was delivered from a golf course.)