You Cheered as He Fucked Up. No Take Backs, Trumpists. 1

The cliché about authoritarian leaders being strong but brittle is coming true with Donald Trump. The cost of this lesson will be tallied in lives and a wrecked economy. 

Donald Trump and his fans are learning that karmic externalities are a bitch. They’re learning that you can get away with a chain of scams, business failures, bankruptcies, and branding disasters and win the presidency but still fail utterly as a president and a person. 

It took a global pandemic, the bursting of the Fed-fueled stock market bubble, and an opponent Trump can’t face. It doesn’t read Twitter, watch Fox, or respond to derisive nicknames. It took a plague to peel back the scales from his eyes finally, and even now, too many Trumpist Republicans insist this is fine. Heckuva job, Trumpie.