The Enigma of Clarence Thomas w/ Corey Robin

Author Corey Robin (@CoreyRobin) joins us to discuss his new book, The Enigma of Clarence Thomas.

On today’s show: Kevin McCarthy indignant about impeachment, Steny Hoyer says GOP is just getting mad now.

Corey Robin (@CoreyRobin), professor of political science at Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, joins us to discuss his new book, The Enigma of Clarence Thomas. While Clarence Thomas is currently the longest serving justice on the SCOTUS, he is not widely studied or understood. In this book, Robin explores the experiences that shaped his views and decisions, tying together strands including black nationalism, Afro-pessimism, patriarchy, and a belief in unfettered capitalism and state authority. At base, Robin argues, Thomas’ belief in racism as an individualized, transhistorical, and impossible-to-vanquish force is similar to what liberals believe, yet also a primary driver of his conservative ideology.

On the fun half: How will impeachment affect 2020 turnout? Ben Shapiro on Sept 24: “No quid pro quo, no impeachment…no moving goal posts.” Shapiro moving the goal post Nov 1: “There was a quid pro quo…the question is whether it was corrupt.” Bernie says he wants to pay for m4a in a progressive way, but doesn’t want to explain that now. Bernie explains costs difference for private insurance vs. m4a health coverage. Yang on m4a: “I’m adopting the label but not the bill.” Buttigieg says Democrats need “humility” in new healthcare policies. Pelosi aide Wendell Primus’ anti-m4a talking points. Pelosi does not support m4a in 2020 election. Graph: US life expectancy vs. that of other developed nations. Pelosi pledges commitment to pay-go and infrastructure week. MTA turnstile protest. Follow the organizers and get involved at!

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