Will Impeachment Drama Fuel Trump’s 2020 Bid?

By Joel Brown

With the impending impeachment trial of Donald Trump set to begin this month after the highly controversial impeachment decision by the House of Representatives in December, Democrats are hoping to stall his momentum heading into the 2020 presidential election. With our previous election being a nail-biter, the margin for error is much smaller than ever before, and it is Democrats who are doing the nail-biting. With a Supreme Court moving ever so to the right and the Conservative agenda coming into fruition, we are appeared to be headed to a landslide Conservative victory come this fall. With this in mind, it is no surprise that Democrats will be trying harder than ever to stall this momentum, but the biggest question will be, can it actually be a winning strategy for 2020?

In Trumps America, society has improved substantially. With the economy adding four million more jobs, increased border security, and tax breaks for job producers, the Trump agenda has met and exceeded all expectations. We also have to take into account his role in our trade and foreign policy, deescalating tensions with North Korea and actually becoming friends (not enemies) with our biggest adversaries in Russia. With all these accomplishments, it is no wonder, Democrats, behind Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are scared, scared that four more years will tilt the reins of power in the hands of the conservatives.

With an approval rating that improved significantly from the first news of impeachment to a three year high of 45.2 percent, Democrats have reason and motive to stall Trump as much as possible before the ballots are cast. With the Democratic presidential candidates tooting the lines of far-left ideologies and promising everything from free education to reparations, the ordinary American of all ethnicities, as well as the taxpayer, will be adversely affected, and the Democrats know this. With this alienation of the American voter, many Liberals are fearing the worst, and who can blame them?

According to national polls, Trump is only slightly behind the leading democratic front runners while eclipsing liberal juggernauts such as Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg. This is scary because, in 2016, almost every poll had him losing to Clinton despite being on her tail. Despite this, we cannot ignore that Trump has not even truly started his re-election bid and that the RNC has about 200 million in cash for the start of his campaign, giving Republicans plenty of ammunition. Preceding Democratic Debates will also work in Trump's favor as there is no clear front runner, and leading Democratic candidates will weaken Biden as well as continually bringing up impeachment instead of policies that help Americans.

Trump may be the third president to deal with the process of formal impeachment, but this should not deter Republicans. The road to the 2020 presidency has never been more wide-open, and with a weakened Democratic base unclear of a frontrunner to challenge what they consider a "regime," it is Trump's race to lose.


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