Conservative – Impeachment building blocks for Trump’s Foundation

By Geo Paul

Donald Trump Jr. has been an enigma since the day he announced his decision to run for office.

Before 2016, Trump was just a media real estate celebrity who had hosted a TV show, among other things. He had zero experience working in the government and was widely ridiculed by almost every political pundit. Even up until the last minute, polls were predicting an easy win for Hillary Clinton, his opponent during the 2016 Presidential elections.

However, time and again, Trump has beaten staggering odds to demolish everything in his path. Why is that?

It’s simple – Trump’s supporters belong to a silent majority who haven’t had a voice in government until Trump came to power. He represents a fresh breeze of change to them, somebody outside the tainted world of politics and murky politicians. While liberals may hate Donald Trump and everything he represents, conservatives in the United States are rallying with increasing numbers behind him. His popularity keeps surging in spite of the fact that he is the third President in the history of the United States to get impeached.

Trump’s core voter base is composed of everyday, working-class Americans who are angry with the system that has failed them. They’ve lived under multiple Presidents, who were all the same, more or less. However, Trump follows a completely different formula.

He doesn’t hold back in attacking his opponents and has managed to project himself as a man of action among his supporters. He is seen as a strong, capable man who can really make America great again. It’s like a very fervent religion – Trump supporters believe that he can do no wrong.

Even impeachment did nothing to hurt Trump’s numbers. As a matter of fact, his highest ratings for 2019 came during the aftermath of the impeachment. Trump’s supporters are convinced that the Democrats are out playing an unfair game to corner Trump into defeat and the impeachment only served to reinforce their beliefs. Trump has often played the victim card during the entire impeachment affair, condemning it as an assault on American democracy and branding it a witch-hunt. At this stage, Trump supporters have no problems in believing anything their President tells them.

To the average Trump supporter, Nancy Pelosi and her merry band of Democrats are victimizing Trump incessantly – that is their belief. To his credit, Trump has been able to spin things in such a way that he always comes out golden and as having done nothing wrong.

One must also remember the 2016 elections were mostly a vote against Hillary rather than a vote for Trump. It’s one of the same mistakes the Democrats are making today. They aren’t presenting a viable contender with a defendable platform who would be acceptable to both sides. Rather than trying to find a way to bridge differences, Democrats are focused on demonizing Trump and his supporters – which only drives them further to rally behind Trump.

With everything that has taken place, it is obvious to me the impeachment won’t do a thing to shake the confidence espoused by Trump supporters in the President. Rather, the impeachment has only strengthened his backing among his core voter base, who are now more determined than ever to re-elect him in 2020. The Democrats may have impeached Trump, but it makes no difference to his support base. And that’s something the Democrats have a hard time coming to terms with.

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