AM QUICKIE: September 30th, 2019 w/ Lucie Steiner & Sam Seder

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Trump quotes a mega-church pastor on Fox News who warned of civil war if the President is impeached.

Meanwhile, a new study warns that big banks are offloading risky mortgages onto taxpayers as the climate crisis threatens to put many of those homes literally underwater.

And lastly, a federal judge blocks a Trump administration regulation would that keep migrant families to be detained for lengthy periods of time.


A new poll released by CBS News shows a majority of Americans and a supermajority of Democrats surveyed support an impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump.

The poll shows 55% of respondents approve of the impeachment inquiry, while 45% disapprove. 

The New York Times reports that Joe Biden’s presidential campaign has sharply scaled back his online advertising, cutting spending so severely since August that he is now investing only a fraction of what his top rivals are on Facebook and Google, the two dominant internet platforms.

From Politico: A federal judge has blocked the Trump administration’s effort to expand use of a process that fast-tracks undocumented immigrants for deportation without the involvement of immigration courts.

And the AP reports that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is denying a journalist’s claim that Johnson grabbed her thigh at a private lunch two decades ago. 

Sunday Times columnist Charlotte Edwardes says the incident took place when she worked at The Spectator, a conservative newsmagazine, while Johnson was its editor. 

Johnson also is under scrutiny for claims that an American businesswoman, Jennifer Arcuri, received money and perks from London coffers while Johnson was mayor of the British capital.

AM QUICKIE: September 30th, 2019 w/ Lucie Steiner & Sam Seder 1