How President Trump’s Impeachment Only Makes Him Stronger

A historic house vote on December 18, 2019, saw Donald Trump become the first ever President of the United States to be impeached during his first term, on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

However, it could now be argued that such an impeachment will only make Trump stronger, and serve as a catalyst for increased support across America.

Senior White House officials spoke anonymously with Time to claim the impeachment had only strengthened their position in terms of negotiating with the House. They also claimed the decision had mobilized Trump’s base of support across the country.

Even Trump himself admitted in December the prospect of impeachment was very sad, but it also seemed to be a boost politically.

In recent weeks, the Trump camp have posted thousands of adverts across social media centering around the issue of impeachment, which has actually seen fundraising spike, rather than fall away.

The desire of the Democrats not to allow the impeachment to clog up government workings is also said to have resulted in last-minute openings for negotiations that have driven policy Trump has wanted to introduce.

This includes things such as an increase in military pay, federal fund flexibility for the border wall, rolling back Obama’s Affordable Care Act provisions, passing the USMCA trade deal, and more.

In my opinion, it appears the Trump administration has been able to adapt and use the impeachment as a way to drive support and influence like never before.

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