Why America needs more immigrants

As the immigrants' controversy continues to range in America, the Census Bureau published data showing that America needs more immigrants to help sustain the economy. Economists and Demographers in the United States warn the aging baby boomer population poses a serious challenge to the economy as the age-dependency ratio and ratio of seniors to working-age adults rises. As the dependency ratio increases, there is also an increase in financial burden to the working-age. In 2017, the dependency ratio had risen to 25%. It is also predicted that by 2030, the ratio would be 35% of the retirement age in America for every 100 of working age. American birth rates have also decreased drastically in the last decade. The fertility rate is expected to be about 2.1% but in 2017, it was only 1.76%. With this kind of a trend, the dependency ratio will continue to rise sharply. Therefore, to help cope with this situation, America needs immigrants. Immigrants are mostly in the working-age and offer labor enough to run the economy.

Immigrants will raise America’s GDP.

They will stimulate the economy through businesses, entrepreneurship, and labor supply. However, studies also noted that first-generation immigrants contribute very minimal to the net fiscal. This is because they are less educated and paid very low therefore, they do not contribute much to taxes. However, second-generation immigrants will have a bigger impact on the economy because they will be educated and in the coming decades, they and their descendants will contribute much more to the tax base. A study was done by the National Academies of Science Engineering, and Medicine (article not cited) pointing out the second-generation adult immigrants, offers a favorable net fiscal impact to the different economies than the rest of native-born population or first-generation immigrants.

Welcoming and allowing immigrants into the United States of America is a long term investment for the country.

Immigrants contribute a lot to the economy through labor, entrepreneurship, and business. But in my opinion President Donald Trump is against immigration by demonstrating through the introduction of draconian policies that bar immigration. In conclusion and in my opinion, whether the president is with or against immigrants, immigrants are very important for America and are needed.

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